After 3 years of solid work, woodnwonder is ready to launch 🙂

Creating a unique design and setting up a business, involves more than one set of hands. Without contribution and commitment from friends, good people and a great network, I couldn’t have made it!

A few reflections:

  • people are happy to step in and share their time and expertice.
  • money isn’t an obstacle to make the impossible, possible.
  • negative thinking, limiting, biased thinking is.
  • be aware of the balance between give and take.
  • focus, optimism (also when the going gets tough) generosity keep the wheel turning and the heart beat.
  • gratitude, gratitude, gratitude..

I’ll like to offer a deep gratefulness to all contributors of the genesis of woodnwonder. You’ve made it possible for a huge dream to come through.

I can list at least a hundred good people to thank: The good looking guy, who posed voluntarily on the log stools. The young entrepreneur, who laser cut my business cards to precision. A women in a coffee shop who gave me my first sales lead.

However.. I need to express a very special and heartfelt gratitude to these strong, helping hands, sharp brains and generous people:

Geir Haukursson – photograpy
Lars Skaaning – photograpy, video
Lui Wallentin Gøttler – music, editing, web
Elisabeth Tejlmand – web
Allan Bojsen – web
Munter – PR consultant, international design blogger
Hilary Kneale – proofreader
Fini Tvingsholm – mentor
Fremtidsfabrikken – Susanne Linnet Aagaard & Hanne Raunsmed & all involved in BoostSydfyn
Lars Rasmussen – journalist & storyteller
Mike Zuniga – graphic designer logo
Kasper Endrup – graphic co-designer logo
Peter Thuesen – furniture tag
Birthe Hyldborg – co-inventor of the name woodnwonder
Original Linoliemaling  – linseed oil manufacturer
Holstenshuus Estate – wood supplier
Ryslinge Savværk – sawmill
Steen Mechlenburg – carpenter & tree expert
Erling Svendsen – carpenter & tree expert

We have the best reason to party and celebrate and we will 🙂